From Planting to Plate
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Our mission at Kingston is to feed the world safe, wholesome and delicious food. We strive to be your preferred provider for premium produce. As our business continues to grow, we want to ensure that all of our customers have a deep understanding of the Kingston commitment to excellence. Importantly, we also want our customers to know the processes that we use in order to ensure that we deliver premium quality produce, with superior customer service, each and every day.

We call our philosophy "From Planting to Plate," reflecting the many steps from seed, to soil, to site in the cycle of fresh produce traveling from the farm to the dinner table. We have combined our long experience in the produce industry with modern state-of-the-art technology, and a commitment to future growth to develop this approach.

To ensure Kingston's premium delivery, we commit to total management of produce from the farm to the table. Count on us for a relentless commitment to product quality, safety, and customer service. Each step of the way, we apply rigorous standards, extensive expertise, and hands-on management to ensure that Kingston products are the best available.

We believe that our "Planting to Plate" philosophy makes us a partner that you will want to buy from. We have a solid, experienced management team, and we specialize in premium produce. We have focused our business on building long-term relationships, and are loyal to the customers that we serve, and to the farmers who we buy from. Success in our vision for "From Planting to Plate" can only be achieved when the dining guest is pleased with what is on their Plate!

Top Points
  • We track market and growing conditions to ensure we can deliver what our customers need and expect.

  • We work closely with growers to ensure harvest practices meet Kingston standards.

  • We oversee packing to ensure food safety is not compromised.

  • We source for consistent quality first, and have constant QA for product offerings.

  • We are 100% compliant with HAACP and AIB requirements.

  • We have a dedicated Customer Service Representative for each customer.

  • We monitor cost and freight on all products, and own a truck brokerage firm with its own dedicated fleet.

  • We support our distributors for all products from planting to plate.

  • We share product knowledge with restaurant-level personnel in food safety, handling, usage and proper receiving and storage procedures.

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