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The Kingston Fryer… 40 Years In The Making

The Ultimate Frying Potato

The Kingston Fryer program was developed utilizing over 40 years of bench marking what makes the perfect frying potato.

Kingston Fryer

For over 40 years Kingston Fresh has grown, managed (there’s a lot of science that goes into a frying potato), and delivered potatoes packed specifically for making fresh hand cut fries. Kingston Fresh has been and still is instrumental in developing industry standards currently used to bring a consistently performing potato to market making the finest fresh cut potatoes for fries. Branded as “THE KINGSTON FRYER”, the industry and our customers know it by its white bag, blue print and indistinguishable logo. We utilize russets as well as newer varieties dependent upon each customers preference as there are as many opinions of what makes the perfect French Fry as there are varieties of potatoes.

Research and Development

Frying potatoes are very different from baking potatoes. Working with some of the largest multi-unit restaurant operators in the country, Kingston Fresh has refined the process for growing, testing and packing the right potatoes for the Fresh Cut Fry and Chip market.


They can start out the same though there’s a lot of science that goes into making sure the potato that goes into the bag or box for frying actually performs as intended and produces a great tasting fry that holds up to the expectations of your customer. We are here for you and will work with you to develop a great fresh cut fry program that works consistently across the country.

Kingston Fryer…
“From Planting to Plate”