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Central America & Mexico

Kingston Fresh has been growing the Kingston Sugar Pine™ (MD2 Variety) Pineapple in Central America since the 1990’s.

Central America is a wonderful place. One of the most cherished of all the fruits grown there is the Piña or Pineapple. Growing and importing millions of pineapples annually, Kingston Fresh has become one of the largest pineapple importers in the United States.

The Kingston Sugar Pine™

Requiring nearly a year to develop to the proper size, color and sweetness for harvest, the pineapple takes considerable expertise to grow well. For this reason, Kingston Fresh has an entire team of regional and quality assurance staff working in the fields and packing sheds every day.

The Pineapple Supply Chain

Growing the Piña is only part of the complex process of managing the fruit. After harvest and inspection it is packed into containers for a ship ride to one of several port destinations in the US or Europe. Our team in central America oversees each order as it is packed to ensure every customers specifications and expectations are met.

“From Planting to Plate”