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Kingston Fresh has been growing potatoes in Idaho since 1975

And while our roots run deep in Idaho, our potato programs don’t stop there, we grow and ship from every major growing area in the US ensuring we have quality product available year-round whether for baking, frying or retail.


It is said the Idaho Russet is the epitome of what a great looking and tasting potato is, and many agree. These same russet varieties are grown elsewhere in the United States with some arguing they taste as good or better from these other regions. We say, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Which is why we grow and ship from every region in the US that can and do grow russet variety potatoes which fulfill our rigorous requirements for quality, taste, and texture.

Kingston Fryer

There’s a lot of science that goes into frying the perfect potato. For nearly 50 years, Kingston Fresh has grown, managed and delivered potatoes packed specifically for making fresh hand cut fries. Kingston Fresh is the industry leader in creating protocols and developing standards currently used to bring a consistently preforming potato to market making the finest fresh cut potatoes for fries. Branded as “THE KINGSTON FRYER”, the industry and our customers know it by its white bag, blue print and indistinguishable logo. We utilize russets as well as newer varieties dependent upon each customers preference as there are as many opinions of what makes the perfect French Fry as there are varieties of potatoes.

Reds & Yellows

Red and Yellow potatoes typically grow everywhere russets do and then a whole bunch more places making them a very versatile potato available in every corner of the country. Making up just over 20% of all dollars spent in the potato category reds and yellows are growing in popularity every year. Without the storage capabilities of other varieties, it is important to work with a supplier having a nationwide network of growers from coast to coast. Kingston Fresh has you covered no matter where you need product.

New Varieties

Yes, there are new varieties of potatoes coming to market all the time. At Kingston Fresh, we work with the finest and most experienced seed potato producers, identifying potential new opportunities to improve yields (lowering production costs), performance (increased storage, flavor profile, and/or Frying Characteristics) and quality (skin and flesh coloration, bruising resistance). You can expect to see new varieties available soon!

“From Planting to Plate”